Video review

We have added small video review that show how to use our clipboard manager in order to get access to clipboard history.

Click here to see it.

Improved performance at searching saved data

In the latest version of Clipdiary, we have added a number of improvements. Now, searching saved clipboard history and pasting selected clip is faster and easier than ever.

First improvement — to start typing a search text, you no longer have to jump to the special field. Simply start typing it right on the clip list. Clipdiary will automatically place the cursor in the text box.

And second — after entering a filter, you no longer need to click on the filtered clips. Simply use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the text or image you need.

Look up the required data in the saved clipboard history quickly and save time for more interesting tasks :)

Exporting multiple clips to one or multiple files

It's been a long time since Clipdiary allowed saving any text you had ever copied to clipboard to a text file (as well as text with images). The new version introduces a new feature — now you can save several clips from the database to a single file. Or, even export the entire database to a set of txt or png files.

Clipdiary supports exporting all types of text data, images and file lists. Now you can keep all your important data in one place, and it will be with you always!

We are on Facebook now!

We created Clipdiary's page on Facebook. We'll be glad to see you in our friends there! Become Clipdiary's fan on Facebook now.

It would be great if you help us distribute Clipdiary and invite your friends to our page. Thank you! :)

Incremental search through clipboard history

In Clipdiary 3.1 incremental search appeared. In previous versions you should type a phrase to search into the search field, hit the "search" button and only after that searching started.

Now you don't need to hit that button to start the search process. Searching is automatically started after you type several characters into the search field.

Some options to set up the incremental search through the clipboard history are added in the next version of the program.

Open program options or press F4 and go to the Advanced tab. You can see Incremental search item there with the following settings:

  • Start after - number of characters you should type before the search starts automaticaly.

  • Delay - is the delay after you pressed a key on a keyboard and before Clipdiary starts to search. It is 200 ms by default.

We have also corrected a bug with searching non-latin characters in the new version of Clipdiary. The search was case-insensitive when searching by latin characters and case-sensitive with non-latin characters. We fixed this. Now search by national symbols is case-insensitive.

By the way, do you remember that you can use % as a wildcard character to substitute any other characters when searching through the clipboard history?

Highlighting of the used clipboard history

We are currently working on a new version of Clipdiary. It will be available on September, 1. There is already added feature to highlight strings that were inserted or copied.

Our users asked to add such option. In most cases when you paste a clip from clipboard history you most likely will paste it again and again. But you copy some new items and the clip you work with is moved up in the clipboard history list. So when you open Clipdiary to paste that clip again, you need some time to find it. Now the process of looking for the used clips is simpler: they are highlighted.

The highlight is removed when you switch to another page or restart Clipdiary. If you just hide and show Clipdiary, the highlight is not removed.

You can see a screenshot of the options below.

You can set up this feature in the Options of Clipdiary. Press F4 to show Options and go to the Interface tab. There you can switch off the highlighting or choose colors of the highlighted text and background.

Playing sound when copying data to the clipboard

Users often ask if Clipdiary can play sound when you copy something to the clipboard. This feature is not really important but we implemented it for you.

To enable playing sounds open File->Options->General tab and check "Play sound" checkbox. There you can choose the sound you like best from the list of 8 possible variants.

You can also add your own sounds if you want. Put them to the C:\Program Files\Clipdiary\sounds\ folder.

You will hear sound every time you copy something to the clipboard.

Portable clipboard manager

Do you know you can run Clipdiary from USB-drive without installation?

You can carry it with you on a flash-drive and always have your clipboard history at hand.

Download portable clipboard manager Clipdiary and get your clipboard history anywhere.

Just extract it to any folder where you want to store it and run clipdiary-portable.exe in order to launch Clipdiary.

How to paste several clipboard history items together

You may often need to paste several clipboard history items together. The Clipdiary clipboard history viewer window is hidden after you copy or paste by default settings.

To keep the main window on the screen after copying or pasting you should go to the menu File and uncheck 'Hide after copying or pasting' option. You can also press Ctrl+F2 on the keyboard.

And do you remember that you can drag-and-drop clipboard history clips from the main window to the needed document?

Search through the clipboard history

How often do you search through the saved clipboard history?

Do you know that you can use % symbol in the search field as a wildcard character to substitute for any other character or characters in a string?

For example, you can type "" to find email addresses

That is not frequently used feature, but sometimes it might be really helpful.