Incremental search through clipboard history

In Clipdiary 3.1 incremental search appeared. In previous versions you should type a phrase to search into the search field, hit the "search" button and only after that searching started.

Now you don't need to hit that button to start the search process. Searching is automatically started after you type several characters into the search field.

Some options to set up the incremental search through the clipboard history are added in the next version of the program.

Open program options or press F4 and go to the Advanced tab. You can see Incremental search item there with the following settings:

  • Start after - number of characters you should type before the search starts automaticaly.

  • Delay - is the delay after you pressed a key on a keyboard and before Clipdiary starts to search. It is 200 ms by default.

We have also corrected a bug with searching non-latin characters in the new version of Clipdiary. The search was case-insensitive when searching by latin characters and case-sensitive with non-latin characters. We fixed this. Now search by national symbols is case-insensitive.

By the way, do you remember that you can use % as a wildcard character to substitute any other characters when searching through the clipboard history?

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