Give to clips your own names

Today I am going to describe an ability to assign names to clips.
There were lots of users who asked us to implement such feature, and you can see it now in Clipdiary.
Starting with version 2.4 you can give own name to any clip. So if you copied information that may be needed some time later, but you do not know where to write it down, you can save it in Clipdiary. You give clip appropriate name to find it easier later.

How it works?
1. Copy text to the clipboard. It automatically will be recorded by Clipdiary and saved in clipboard history.
2. Open Clipdiary (Ctrl+D by default, or click Clipdiary's icon in the system tray).
3. Select the item and press F2 on keyboard, or right-click the item and choose "Rename" from the context menu.
4. Enter new title for this clipboard history entry and press OK.
5. Now you see your item with suitable title, so you can find it easily later.

We hope this feature will help you safely store data and easily find it.

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