Control tooltip with the full text of clipboard history item

When open Clipdiary you see the clipboard history items in reverse chronological order. There are 50 clips per page by default. You can config the number of displayed items by yourself
For each clip only the title is displayed, not more than 50 symbols. By the way, do you know that you can give your own names to the clips?
The full text of the selected clip is shown in the tooltip near the clipboard history viewer.
The tooltip is shown for only 5 seconds, than it is hidden and is shown again only after you select the next clip.
Sometimes it is not convenient. If the full text of the clip is little too long you do not have time to read it. So we've added extra keys to control the tooltip

  • Arrow Right - show the tooltip for the selected clipboard history clip and do not hide it automatically

  • Arrow Left - hide the tooltip for the current clip

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