Improved quickly copying mechanism in Clipdiary

Clipdiary v2.6 appeared. In this version we improved work with quickly copying clipboard history items back to the clipboard. We made it more convenient and basicaly more quick.

To begin with, we solved the problem with not ideal behaviour of the tooltip which shows the copied text. The tooltip appeared at the screen once you pressed Ctrl + Shift + Arrow up and disappeared in two seconds. This caused some inconvenience - too little time to read some long clip and in case of small clip that you can read in a second the tooltip remained on the screen odd time and interfered you from work.

Now you control the time it is displayed by yourself. Its very simple - just hold the keys pressed as much time as you need to select the clip. As soon as you release buttons the tooltip disappeares.

And most importantly we added an option to automatically paste the selected clip after it is copied to the clipboard. In the previous version you could use the key combination (Ctrl + Shift + Arrow up\down) for quickly copying item from the clipboard history to the clipboard. Then you should hit Ctrl + V to paste data. Now you don't have to do even this! The new option (you can switch it on on the Hot Keys tab in the Program Options) makes Clipdiary automatically paste the selected clip as soon as you release buttons.

Remember that if you pasted the wrong text you can simply hit Ctrl+Z to cancel the changes you made.

Paste faster, do not lose your time :)

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