How to quickly copy recently copied data back to the clipboard

When work with Clipdiary to see the clipboard history you usualy open clipboard history viewer window.

But why open the window every time if you can copy items from the clipboard history back to clipboard without opening Clipdiary? You can save your time and improve productivity using the extra hot keys:

  • Ctrl+Shift+Up - quickly copy the previous clipboard history item back to the clipboard

  • Ctrl+Shift+Down - quickly copy the next clipboard history item back to the clipboard

  • You can change the default hotkeys in the Options.

After pressing the above hotkeys the previous/next clip will be copied to the clipboard and you'll see the tooltip with the full text of the selected clip.
The rest is simple. Just press Ctrl+V and paste the needed clipboard history item from the clipboard.

Control tooltip with the full text of clipboard history item

When open Clipdiary you see the clipboard history items in reverse chronological order. There are 50 clips per page by default. You can config the number of displayed items by yourself
For each clip only the title is displayed, not more than 50 symbols. By the way, do you know that you can give your own names to the clips?
The full text of the selected clip is shown in the tooltip near the clipboard history viewer.
The tooltip is shown for only 5 seconds, than it is hidden and is shown again only after you select the next clip.
Sometimes it is not convenient. If the full text of the clip is little too long you do not have time to read it. So we've added extra keys to control the tooltip

  • Arrow Right - show the tooltip for the selected clipboard history clip and do not hide it automatically

  • Arrow Left - hide the tooltip for the current clip

Search through the clipboard history

There is a Search option in Clipdiary. You can search through the saved clipboard history to find the data you copied some time ago.
To do this just type the search condition into the search field at the bottom of Clipdiary's Window and hit the 'Search' button. You'll see only clips that satisfy the search condition.

To return to the complete clipboard history hit the 'Reset' button or F9 key on the keyboard. Selection will be automatically moved to the last captured clip.

But if you do not want to move the focus to the last copied text and need it to remain on the currently selected clip from the search results, just hit Ctrl+F9 instead of the 'Reset' button or F9.

This could be very helpful when you need to find some item and do not remember its text but remember the text of the clip that was copied near the needed one.