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Clipdiary - clipboard manager that keeps the complete history of everything that goes to the Windows clipboard, so that you can easily access any data you copied an hour ago or, say, last month.

Flashpaste - text snippet handler that lets you organize your frequently used text templates. Stop copy/pasting texts from many different sources — do your work more efficiently!

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Clipdiary Advanced options

Starting with version 2.8 Advanced options in Clipdiary appeared. Now you can customize the program up to your own preferences.

Go to File->Options->Advanced tab and you'll see the following options.

Number of clips per page. When you open clipboard viewer window you see your clipboard history divided into pages. No you can easily choose number of clips to show per page.

Title length. Clipdiary creates a title for each clip. You see these titles in clipboard history viewer. You can edit titles of clips if you want. Now you can config the title length. You may choose more symbols if you need to see more text in the title. Changing this parameter won't effect the old clips, their title will remain unchaged. Only newer copied clips will have the length you've chosen.

Emulate Ctrl+V for pasting. Clipboard history clips sometimes are pasted incorrectly into some applications. If that often happens you can check this option and Clipdiary will emulate Ctrl+V key presses when pasting clips.

How to save clipboard data to file

Clipdiary saves the complete clipboard history for you. You can easily reuse any data you were copying while work with the computer: copy the data back to the clipboard or paste it directly to any application. But do you know, that you can save data to .txt file without opening of some text editor?

  1. Pop-up Clipdiary

  2. Right-click the needed clip

  3. Choose Advanced->Save text to file from the context menu

You may save to text file several clips together. Just select several clips in clipboard history viewer and follow the above instructions.

The feature may be useful when you collect some data from a web-page and need to put it to one file. For example, list of films you want to visit from large cinema schedule, or maybe several jokes from a big jokes collection to share with your friends later :)