How to paste several clipboard history items together

You may often need to paste several clipboard history items together. The Clipdiary clipboard history viewer window is hidden after you copy or paste by default settings.

To keep the main window on the screen after copying or pasting you should go to the menu File and uncheck 'Hide after copying or pasting' option. You can also press Ctrl+F2 on the keyboard.

And do you remember that you can drag-and-drop clipboard history clips from the main window to the needed document?

Search through the clipboard history

How often do you search through the saved clipboard history?

Do you know that you can use % symbol in the search field as a wildcard character to substitute for any other character or characters in a string?

For example, you can type "" to find email addresses

That is not frequently used feature, but sometimes it might be really helpful.

How to config tooltips behavior in Clipdiary

You can config some aspects of tooltips behavior at the File->Options->Advanced tab.

Automatically show full text of clip in tooltip. When you highlight clip in clipboard history viewer you see the tooltip with the full text of the clip. You can disable this function if you do not want to see tooltips every time you highlight clip. Remember, that you can always show/hide the tooltip using Arrow right and Arrow left keys.

Time to show tooltip. Now you can define time to show the tooltip by yourself. Time is set in milliseconds. Remember that 1 second = 1000 milliseconds. If you set this paraneter to 0, the tooltip won't be hidden automatically. You can also define time to show tooltip for quick copy.

Title for Quick Copy Tooltip. When using Quick Copy function you see a tooltip with text of the clip. Users often asked us to change the title of this tooltip or to remove it at all. We implemented this option and so you can config the title of this tooltip now.

Use own word wrap algorithm for tooltips. There is a bug in Windows 7 and Vista word-wrap algorithm. It works slowly and thus the tooltip is drawn slowly. We implemented our own algorythm for word wrap. It works fast, but there is a bug - it shows hyphenations not correctly. If this option is checked Clipdiary will use the own algorithm for the word wrap, otherwise - the system one.