How to thumb through clipboard history pages

You can see the full clipboard history in Clipdiary clipboard history viewer. You see 50 latest clips. (By the way, do you remember how to config number of clipboard history items that are displayed per page?)

To see previous clips you should leaf over the page. There are two ways to do this:
  • With help of the mouse - click '<' or '>' button at the bottom of the page

  • From the keyboard - press 'Alt+Arrow left' to go to the previous page or 'Alt+Arrow right' to go to the next page

Multiselection of clipboard history items

One Clipdiary's new features is multiselection. Users often asked how to delete more then one clip at a time, but there were no way to select several clips in the clipboard history viewer. Now you can easily do this. Hold Ctrl or Shift key and select the clips you need. If you need to select all clips at the page, press Ctrl+A.

Presently you can only delete selected items or export them to txt file. But multiselection opens opportunities to implement new features. For example, we will make an option to paste several clips simultaniously.

Remember, that you can simply clear the complete clipboard history on exit.

You are welcome to download new version of Clipdiary clipboard tool.

Where is clipboard history stored?

Clipdiary saves everything that you copy to the clipboard. The clipboard history is stored in one database file. To see the path to the file open menu File->Options and go to the Database tab.
If you need to store the clipboard history database in some other place, you may do the following:
  1. Open the Database tab in the program options

  2. Click Clone and Switch and specify the path to the new location
Number of stored clipboard history items is set on the same options page. It is 20000 clips by default. If you want to store more clips, you may set 30000 to save the clipboard history on the longer period of time.

The copied data is compressed before it is saved to the database. So even if you often copy large images, the database will still have a reasonable size. You do not have to worry that the saved clipboard history occupies much space on the disk.

If you do not want to save the clipboard history between sessions, see how to clear the clipboard history on exit