Improved performance at searching saved data

In the latest version of Clipdiary, we have added a number of improvements. Now, searching saved clipboard history and pasting selected clip is faster and easier than ever.

First improvement — to start typing a search text, you no longer have to jump to the special field. Simply start typing it right on the clip list. Clipdiary will automatically place the cursor in the text box.

And second — after entering a filter, you no longer need to click on the filtered clips. Simply use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the text or image you need.

Look up the required data in the saved clipboard history quickly and save time for more interesting tasks :)

Exporting multiple clips to one or multiple files

It's been a long time since Clipdiary allowed saving any text you had ever copied to clipboard to a text file (as well as text with images). The new version introduces a new feature — now you can save several clips from the database to a single file. Or, even export the entire database to a set of txt or png files.

Clipdiary supports exporting all types of text data, images and file lists. Now you can keep all your important data in one place, and it will be with you always!