Playing sound when copying data to the clipboard

Users often ask if Clipdiary can play sound when you copy something to the clipboard. This feature is not really important but we implemented it for you.

To enable playing sounds open File->Options->General tab and check "Play sound" checkbox. There you can choose the sound you like best from the list of 8 possible variants.

You can also add your own sounds if you want. Put them to the C:\Program Files\Clipdiary\sounds\ folder.

You will hear sound every time you copy something to the clipboard.

Portable clipboard manager

Do you know you can run Clipdiary from USB-drive without installation?

You can carry it with you on a flash-drive and always have your clipboard history at hand.

Download portable clipboard manager Clipdiary and get your clipboard history anywhere.

Just extract it to any folder where you want to store it and run clipdiary-portable.exe in order to launch Clipdiary.